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Welcome to Canadian Doodle Puppies!

Linda holding one of her Labradoodle Puppies
The breeder holding one of her Australian Labradoodle Puppies

The Best Qualities of Our Australian Labradoodles:

  • Adaptable
  • Affectionate
  • Eager to Please
  • Friendly
  • Intelligent
  • Sensitive
  • Trainable

Our objective is to breed healthy, well-tempered, and beautiful Australian Labradoodles. To achieve our objectives we subject our breeding stock to rigorous health and temperament testing, we expose our pups to enriching experiences appropriate to their age, and we use temperament testing to match pups to families to support the best fit of pup to lifestyle.

Our breeding stock are loved family pets and our pups are raised in our home. We are not a kennel and we don't have a 'facility'.

They have non-shedding coats that are allergy friendly, but do require regular grooming.

We are a registered breeder with the Australian Labradoodle Association of America. We are also an Avidog Associate Breeder. We operate in a manner that respects the highest ethical and professional standards.

New Puppies Coming!

4 beige Labradoodle puppies in a blue wood box
Doodle Mom
Doodle Dad

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In addition to our focus on providing wonderful pups to our pet families, Canadian Doodle Puppies is proud to be contributing to the improvement of the breed at the community level. Our understanding of the importance of genetic diversity to health, our investment in developing new lines, and our strategic management of our current lines all promote improved health and temperament.

We are a proud corporate sponsor of Ottawa Therapy Dogs and Community Veterinary Outreach. Both organizations focus on the benefits of the human-animal bond. We are also a regular financial contributor to the Ottawa Humane society and local dog rescue organizations.

We are located in Ottawa, Ontario. Please feel welcome to contact us to discuss how a Canadian Doodle's Pup can enrich your life.
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Meet the Breeder

Purchasing a Labradoodle Puppy

Friends from Our Puppy Romp of 2014
Friends that attended Our Annual Puppy Romp (2014)

Our cost includes over $850 in Vet fees that are not discretionary for a dog owner, so your true net cost of adoption is $2,000 (+ HST).

We understand that this represents a significant investment. However, the costs associated with raising a litter of high quality dogs from fully health tested parents are significant. The value of this health testing is passed on to the adopting family with much lower risk of health issues in the offspring.

Further, we provide you a two year health guarantee that gives you a choice of our covering the Vet fees (up to the purchase price of the pup of $2,850) for any genetic or hereditary illness in the first two years of the life of your dog OR a replacement dog at no cost.

We Guarantee You a Healthy Puppy

Price: $3,225,
($2,850 + HST)

Price includes:

  • Spayed/neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Dewormed
  • First Set of Vaccines Completed
  • Two Year Health Guarantee
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Our Guardian Parent Program

Spirit with his Guardian Family
Spirit with his Guardian Family

If the price of one of our labradoodles remains outside your budget AND you are interested in the breeding process, I would encourage you to consider our Guardian Family Program.

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