The Language of Colours

  • PhenotypesThe visible colour of a dog
  • GenotypesThe genetic colour of a dog
  • CarryingRefers to a trait that may not be visible in the current dog but will be passed on to it’s descendants
  • ExpressedRefers to a trait that is visible in the current dog

How We Predict Puppy Colours

Through DNA testing, a breeder is able to determine a dog’s Genetic Colour Code (genotype). The genotype of our dogs is noted on our Doodle Moms and Doodle Dads pages.

Once you know a dog’s genotype you can use the chart below to determine the possible Phenotypes (colours to be expected) for each litter.

There are 9 genotypes, 3 phenotypes (cream, brown, black) and 2 nose colours(brown, black).