How the Program Works

In a Guardian Family arrangement, the family provides a loving home for an intact breeding prospect, that will become an active part of our breeding program once its health testing is complete. To recognize the commitment this requires, the adoption fee is waived. Guardian Families must live within a reasonable distance of Ottawa and be prepared to work closely with us.

For Guardian Families

For the first six to seven years it is a co-ownership of the dog – you are the emotional owner and we are the legal owner. This requires you to provide a loving home for the dog and commit to providing high quality Veterinary care, feeding it a high quality diet, training it in basic commands, providing sufficient physical and mental stimulation, and making it available to us for health testing and breeding purposes. A guardianship contract will be prepared that clearly outlines each party’s responsibilities and commitments.

We will need access to the dog to carry out health tests (hips, elbows, eyes, thyroid, and genetic testing) on one to three occasions when the puppy is between six and fourteen months of age, and once a year thereafter for annual eye and thyroid screening.

For Doodle Moms

The maximum number of litters we expect from our Mommas is four, to take place between the age of 15 months and six years. You need to inform us whenever she goes into heat. When we decide to breed her, we may need to keep her for two to four days for breeding purposes. She will come to us again about two to three days before the puppies are due and stay with us until they are weaned at around five or six weeks of age. We will let you know well in advance what our breeding plans are for the prospective Mammas.

For Doodle Dads

We need access to them to mate with our females or to provide semen for shipping to other females for artificial insemination. You would need to make the dog available for anywhere from a few hours to a few days at a time when we require him for stud services (either natural breedings or semen collection for artificial insemination).

Retirement – Your Forever Family Pet

Once a female dog has had her final litter or once a male dog turns seven, the co-ownership ends: the dog will be neutered and becomes your forever family pet.

Under this kind of arrangement, expenses related to day-to-day care of the dog are your responsibility (food, annual vaccinations, general health care, toys, etc). Any expenses related to health testing for breeding purposes, breeding, whelping, and care of the puppies are our responsibility.

There is no adoption fee for the guardian family in recognition of the fact that this requires a significant commitment on your part to fulfill the breeding commitment for several years.

How to Become a Guardian Parent

Step 1.
Print off and complete our Guardian Parent Application Form. It helps me to learn a bit more about your family.

Step 2.
Email your completed application form.

Step 3.
Upon review of the application, we will contact you to discuss next steps.

We like to meet with potential guardians twice, once at my home and once at your home. We ask that all family members be available for the visit at your home. The two meetings allow us to review all the commitments that come with guardianship.