Our Top Ten Most Asked Questions!

Q:How much do your pups cost?

A:Our pups are offered for $3,330 + HST = $3,750. This includes HST, vet check, first vaccines, microchip, as well a reimbursement of up to $200 toward the cost of spay/neuter, which must be completed before 7 months of age. Find out all the details on our Buying a Puppy page.

Q:Can we come visit the pups?

A:We only accept visits from families with deposits. For more details check out our Visiting the Puppies page.

Q:How is puppy selection done?

A:Pups are selected by their families when they are 8 weeks old, in order of deposit, based on the temperament assessment and recent photos. We find just the right puppy for your family, find out how on the Buying a Puppy page.

Q:Are your deposits refundable?

A:Our deposits are not refundable. When you place a deposit we reserve a pup just for you. We turn away other customers or direct them to other litters. We make a commitment to provide you a pup and expect you to make a commitment to us in return.

Q:We want a red male pup, what happens if we don’t get offered that?

A:We understand families have preferences, however, it is the temperament of your pup that will determine the quality of your lifelong relationship together. As such, we do not guarantee colour or gender. These things are outside our control and do not affect the quality of your relationship with your dog. As deposits are non-refundable and puppy selection is done the week before pups go home, we will not accept deposits from families that aren't flexible on colour and gender.

Q:What health testing is done on the parents?

A:We test hips, elbows, thyroid, heart, eyes and relevant DNA genetic diseases. Health testing will not guarantee the health of your dog, but it will increase the likelihood you won't have issues. We provide a 2 year health warranty against serious genetic conditions.

Q:What do you feed your Mommas and Pups?

A:We feed high quality kibble to our Mommas and pups. We like Acana, Orijen, Now, Go, Natural Balance, and Fromm. Once weaned our pups eat Go! Salmon because it has no chicken or beef, which are the most common food allergens for dogs. By avoiding them when the pups are young, it reduces the likelihood of developing an allergy when they are older.

Q:What kind of enrichment activities do you expose puppies to?

A:In the first three weeks we expose our pups to Bio-Sensory, Early Neurological Stimulation designed by the US Military for working dog, as well as an Early Scent Introduction program to enhance mental stimulation. Over the next 7 weeks we expose our pups to a number of different experiences based on programs by: Avidog (Raising Brave Puppies), Puppy Culture (Powerful first 12 weeks), Jerry Hope (Raising Superstar Dogs), Turid Ruggas (Puppies). Our outdoor play yard has a number of play structures to help develop the physical coordination of the pups.

Q:What tools are used to assess temperament and what will they tell me about my pup?

A:We use the APET Temperament Assessment Tool from Avidog. It assesses 33 temperament traits, some of which are stable and some of which are tweakable. The results of our assessment will give you a sense of the basic temperament of your dog and some tips on where to focus training efforts.

Q:Where are the pups raised?

A:Our pups are raised in a puppy nursery that is attached to our kitchen. As they get older, they spend evenings in the kitchen and living areas of the house so they have an even greater exposure to daily living and our adult dogs.