Adoption Pricing

Our Pups are offered for $3,750 ($3,330 + HST) and go home to you already microchipped, dewormed, and with their first set of vaccines, as well a reimbursement of up to $200 toward the cost of spay/neuter is offered, which must be completed before 7 months of age. This represents approximately $500 in Vet fees that are not discretionary for a dog owner, so your true net cost of adoption is $2,830 (+ HST).

We understand that this represents a significant investment. However, the costs associated with raising a litter of high quality dogs from fully health tested parents are significant. The value of this health testing is passed on to the adopting family with much lower risk of health issues in the offspring.

Our Guarantee

Further, we provide a two year health guarantee that gives you a choice of our covering the Vet fees (up to the purchase price of the pup) for any genetic or hereditary illness in the first two years of the life of your dog OR a replacement dog at no cost.

Healthy Warranty and Purchase Agreement

Making a Wise Investment

We believe this article from Forbes magazine  – How Much is that Doggie In the Window? demonstrates the economics of purchasing a high quality, higher priced dog. As outlined in this article, the costs of dealing with health issues in a young dog can be significant, and the purchase price of a dog represents a minor cost in the overall cost of dog ownership.

Guardian Parenting

If the price of one of our labradoodles remains outside your budget AND you are interested in the breeding process, I would encourage you to consider our Guardian Parent Program.

Adoption Procedures

PLEASE NOTE: The breeder reserves the right to select pups as breeding prospects prior to allocation to families.

Step 1 – Application Form: Fill in the attached
Puppy Adoption Form.

If you prefer a word version of the application please contact us.

You can submit it via email ( or mail (email us for address). We will send you an email message to confirm if your application has been accepted.

Step 2 – Deposit: Once your application has been approved, we will ask you for a $500 non-refundable deposit to be placed on our reservation list. If our litter is smaller than expected, we will refund your deposit and assist you in finding a suitable pup from a reputable breeder in our breeders’ network or you can apply it to another one of our upcoming litters.   Please note, we do not guarantee colour or gender and will not accept deposits from families that are not flexible.  We match pups based ONLY on temperament as the quality of your 15 year relationship with your pup will be influenced by temperament, not their gender or colour.

Step 3 – Birth of Puppies: We will post a notice and photo on Facebook when the puppies are born. We will update the photos every two weeks.

Step 4 – Family Visit: A family visit with the pups will take place when the pups are approximately 7 weeks of age. The visit is outdoors so is weather dependent.  The purpose of the visit is to meet all the pups and the breeder and to see where the pups are raised.  The purpose is NOT to select your pup.   Please visit our puppy visit page:

Step 5 – Temperament Assessment: At 8 weeks the puppies’ temperament is assessed using the APET Puppy Assessment tool from AVIDOG. Families can use that assessment to assist them in selecting a pup that is a suitable match for their lifestyle.

Step 6 – Puppy Selection: Each family will be offered two to three pups to select from based on suitability of the pup to the family’s circumstances based on the temperament assessment – in the order in which deposits are received. Families will not be offered selection from all the available pups. Families that are last on the list will be offered the last pup. If that puppy is deemed not to be a good match based on the temperament assessment results, the deposit will be refunded or moved to another litter.

PLEASE NOTE: Families will be provided with a recent photo and the temperament assessment of the pups that are suitable matches for their family. Unfortunately it is not possible to arrange visits to select your own puppy in person.

Step 7 – Final Payment: The remainder of the adoption fee is due when the puppies are 8 weeks old, once puppies are selected.

Step 8 – Vet Visit: Around 8 weeks of age, the pups will be vaccinated for DAP and microchipped. They will have already had all the age appropriate vaccinations and dewormings and will have been regularly examined by our Veterinarian. Your puppy will also be registered with the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association.

Step 9 – Puppy Pick Up: You will be notified of the date to pick up your puppy at our home. PLEASE NOTE: Puppies must be picked up on the weekend of the pick up dates specified on the Doodle Puppies web page. We do not keep pups after pick up day.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not ship puppies in cargo via airplane. Should you live outside driving distance from Ottawa, we require you to fly to Ottawa and pick up the puppy and fly it home in cabin or we may be able to arrange for someone to fly the puppy to you in cabin at your expense.

Puppies come with a life-time support agreement from us!