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Pedigree Certificate

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pedigree rogue

Rogue is a 3rd generation Canadian Doodle Puppies pup. Rogue is descended from the original Australian lines of Tegan Park and Rutland Manor on his Dam’s and Sire’s sides.

Rogue is named after the X-Men super hero. My son is now an X-Man (St. Francis Xavier University), so I chose a name to honour a new tradition in our family! Rogue is considered a large mini/small medium labradoodle.

  • Date of birth: October 25, 2013
  • WALA Reg. No: 7075
  • Mother: Canadian Doodle's Nadira
  • Father: ASD Lone Ranger at PineLodge Labradoodles
  • Height: 17"
  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Size: Small Medium
  • Coat Type: Fleece
  • Coat Colour: Cafe (tricolour)
  • Colour Genetics Code: bbEE, kyky, atat, SSw